Monday, September 8, 2008

Take me out to the ball game

On Satuday Jacob's dental school had softball tournament. I was expecting a nice day at the park reading my book while watching me husband play. That is not what happened. A few of their players couldn't make it so they needed me to play. Visions of me playing t-ball ran across my mind. The only thing I can really remember from my t-ball years was being put in the outfield where no small kid can really hit the ball and getting hit in the face with the ball whenever a team mate did throw me the ball. Obviously I wasn't thrilled about this but I decided to be a good sport and play. Don't tell jacob this but i actually did have fun.

 The team name was "clinically unexceptable." The shirts have a (x)OX which mean "over extended." In normal language this means FAIL. Don't you just love dental jokes
Jacob up to bat!
Me up to bat. Check out that form. Don't I make you proud dad ;)
Jacob pitched for a bit and managed not to hit anybody, though he did come close.
Team photo
I played catcher most of the time (because all you had to do was throw the ball back to the pitcher) but during the second game I played third base. Yeah I throw like a girl
At least I look ready
Go Jacob!!!

Our team lost the first game, tied the second, and lost the third so we were out of the tournament. I was actually surprised by how well we did. We managed to hold our own and not get completly creamed.
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Jessica said...

Wow! New blog site! I love the template. Way to go with Softball! I wouldn't do that well -- I close my eyes when I try to swing at the ball.... Glad you had fun!

Karen said...

The most important thing--you look Marvelous!! Even the "whiff" photo--what form--amazing shot of the ball!!!

And way to support your husband--just glad to see you changed out of your flip-flops before you started to play!!

Loved the t-shirts, are you playing in any more tournaments?
You made your dad proud!