Monday, November 9, 2009

October- The Best Month of the Year

I love October!

This year it was a ton of fun. For Halloween we did a few things. The night before we went to the Dental school pre-party. Last year we went to the official party and decided it was something you only need to do once. The pre-party was great because we got to see everyone before they got wasted- always a plus. Jacob was as clever as ever and went as a sim lab mannequin. It was pretty funny how he pulled it all together.
Pippi Longstocking trying her hand at dentistry
The mannequin
Ray From Mortal Combat was a pretty good dentist.

On Halloween I had to go to school and do hair. They let us dress up and had a costume competition in which I came in second place as Cleopatra! I left school early and headed to our ward trick-or-treat where we decorated a door and passed out candy. Jacob went with the dog costume this night. We realized that probably 1 out of 4 kids will scream and be freaked out by a giant dog lol.

An up close look at my wig and necklace I turned into a headpiece. I put this whole costume together at H&M, gotta love that store.
Later that night we celebrated my birthday by watching a scary movie that turned out to be only slightly scary.
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