Sunday, August 9, 2009

out and about

A couple of days ago it was Mormon night at the Giants Stadium. The Robins family was on the ball and got tickets for a bunch of us to go. It was a great game (they won!) and the weather was just right.

Laura and Me
Jacob and Jason, soo excited
Our child Jason

In other news- Jacob recently bought a surf board off craigslist and has been hitting the waves.

The group he goes surfing with.

While Jacob is busy with school, golf, or surfing I am either doing hair or getting a mani/pedi with some friends. Kari-lynn found a great deal we just couldn't pass up

Monday, August 3, 2009

other summer activities

While Jacob was on break we got to do a few other fun things. We finally made it over to coit tower and got to check out the view. It was fun but I don't know if I would pay to go up the tower again. We then headed over to the Wells Fargo Museum. Very fun and free! Jacob also did a lot of golfing during his break. He wants me to get into but I am having a hard time. I do like riding in the cart though. Lastly Jacob got to go the the Giants game that was a no hitter. He said it was very exciting.

White Coat Ceremony!!!

Cavities beware, Dr Rogers is here!

A few weeks ago UoP had their White Coat Ceremony. This means Jacob now has his very own dental coat and can now see patients! It was a great ceremony with a brunch followed by a few speeches that were short and sweet. The students then received their coats and said a dental oath of integrity and what not.
The Dean addressing the students

Jacob recieving his coat
Shaking hands with the Dean

Reciting the dental oath
Study buddies now serious dentists
So proud of my man!

The supportive dental wives minus a few.
Studly dentist
Photo op with Arthur A Dugoni (Namesake of Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry)
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