Saturday, November 22, 2008


Anybody out there like to read but hate trying to find a good book?  

Well, I joined a friend in this book giving chainletter thing. The gist is you mail a book to one person then mail six letters out to friends. If everyone follows the letter you should recieve several free books. I am trying to find six people who are interested in this deal which requires little work (you only have to give out one book). So if you are at all interested let me know!

Friday, November 14, 2008


After getting married something wieght. I blame it on the fact that before getting married jacob and I had about six sessions with a personal trainer and lost wieght. After the honeymoon I put on the wieght I lost and then some.  Growing up I never really had to worry about my wieght, i had a fast metobolism and took it for granted. Now I am realizing that what I shove into my face actually does matter. 
mcface.jpg(if you haven't seen supesize me I recommend it. It's pretty interesting)

So you are probably thinking, so what, go out and exercise.  I know I should but I lack motivation. Even with a gym just 6 floors below me I can't seem to walk to the elevator ( I don't even need to walk down stairs) cross the lobby and enter the nice, free gym. WHAT"S WRONG WITH ME!?!?!

Well, I am proud to say that I might have found the motivation I need (besides my clothes all getting tighter).  It's an online program that counts calories for you. Not only does it count the calories you eat but it also counts the claories you burn! You enter you info, like wieght and different body measurements, and then keep a dialy journal of what you eat and do. There is also a tool that will calculate how many calories a person should consume at a particular height, age, and weight in order to maintain, lose, or gain pounds. 

Right now I haven't changed my eating habits. I want to see what I usually consume and set a realistic calorie amount. If you want to be super nit picky they have activities like doing laundry, carrying a child, and sleeping so you can really know how much you are burning. I am hoping that seeing how much I consume to how much I burn will get me to make that trip to the gym!

Oh yeah here's the website

Sign-up is free but they might sent you junk mail so make a fake e-mail and give them that adress.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween/birthday!!!

Sorry it's been a while since we've posted, our camera's broken and what's a post without pictures?

For Halloween Jacob and I dressed up and went to some friends party before heading over to the dental school party. While planning the the dental school party it went from being kid friendly, kids not recommended, to kids not allowed. It was an interesting experience but lets just say we probably won't be going next year lol. Jacob was sooooo hot in his costume so we tried to find him some water. All there were was alcohol vendors. In other words all the free vodka and beer you could want but no water. So, After saying hi to everyone and showing off our costumes we headed home and called it a night.
I was a jogger and Jacob was my dog. He was on a leash and I had the doggie bag for his poo. We walked around our neighborhood and everyone loved him. The kids wanted to give him high fives.

This is part of Jacob's row at dental school.

For my birthday Jacob got us Salsa dancing lessons! This was a complete shock for me because we had agreed not to get each other gifts. I am sooo excited for our first class tomorrow!

I now feel like I really dropped the ball for Jacob's big day (today). So in order to make it up to him I will let everyone know just why I married this great guy.

1- He always surprises me. This is evident is several instances. The most obvious being the salsa lessons. However, that is only one case. Another great example is a piece of jewelry he made for me. In class all the dental students got to make a piece of jewelry. While all the other husbands were making cute pieces like their wife's first initial Jacob had another idea. He made a sterling silver mold of his fingertip! I couldn't stop laughing when he gave it to me. So not only does he surprise me

2- He is creative.  He is always coming up with different ideas. I love this especially when he cooks. You know it will be some tasty, creative treat. 

3-Jacob is talented. This is evident through his musical skills. I am seriously lacking when it comes to musical talents but Jacob can sing, play the piano, and play the guitar. When he proposed to me he had made up a song about us and sang it to me while he played the guitar. He then surprised me at our wedding luncheon by singing a new rendition of the song in front of everyone (it really impressed my family).

4-He is caring/loving. Jacob is one of the sweetest guys I know. Whenever I get sick he makes me some incredible soup or borsch, gets me any medicine I need, and puts up with my complaining. I have never had a guy treat me as great as Jacob does. He also is great with kids. All his nieces and nephews love him. I know that whenver we decide to have children he will be a top notch dad.

5- He is smart.  Hello he made it into dental school! Not only that but he tends to become involved with things that take him away from school, causing him to have to play catch up, and still get good grades. We took a physiology class together at BYU and during it we went to Russia to do service work causing him to miss around 2 weeks of school. We got the same grades even with him missing a whole section of lectures!

I really could go on and on but Then this post would be unreadable to anyone but me or Jacob. 
So happy 26th Birthday Jacob! I love You!