Saturday, January 31, 2009

good books

A little random but I  finished 2 really good books a little while ago. They are THE BOOK THIEF and THE THIRTEENTH TALE .

The writing style of this book was amazing and such an interesting story.

This one had some twists that I didn't really see coming which is always nice.

I recommend these two books to everyone

Friday, January 30, 2009


Sorry it's been so long. My computer isn't working and I keep having to steal Jacob's for short time periods. Here is a quick update until I get a new cord for my computer.

Jacob is doing great in school and is heading to Washington DC soon for an ADEA meeting. After his second quarter grades came in the teacher wrote that he had "appropriate grades for a curriculum rep" meaning he is doing pretty dang good (not to brag or anything but I just think he is so smart).

I just finished my third week in cosmetology school and today cut my first guests hair. I was pretty nervous but it went great. I am going to school at the Cinta Aveda Institute and it is an 11 month program. I will learn how to cut, color, and style hair, wax eyebrows, apply make-up, and know the basics of giving a manicure and a pedicure.  We are required to wear all black so if you see me dressed this way it is not because I have gone goth. Below is a picture of part of the cutting floor (sorry it's so small). They keep the beginning students in the basement so I am excited for when I get to move up to a room with windows.

Besides that everything is pretty normal.

Friday, January 16, 2009

models needed

So as many of you already know I have started cosmetology school. I will be posting more on that later.  Right now I am writing because every friday we need models to practice our new skills on. here is the schedule

Next week--- updos
jan 30th----one length haircut
feb 6th-----long layers
feb 13------Male haircut (jacob might take this spot is he can get away from school)
feb 27th-----all over color
march 6th-----partial foil
march 13th---full foil
march 20th, 27th, april 3rd, 10th are repeats of anything we can find a model for.

The service is completely free and we do have an instructor supervising us that will correct/ stop any mistakes I may make. As of right now the time I would need people is 1 pm. Emily was a brave soul and was my first hair  model recieiving a stress relieving treatment and blow dry, thanks so much Emily! 

If anyone is interested just let me know

Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Mexico Christmas

This year we spent Christmas with Jacob's family in New Mexico. We had a great time playing with our niece and nephew, catching up with old friends, and of course eating green chili.  Instead of writing  a detailed description of our day to day activities, I'm just going to post of few pictures.

Ligthing luminaries
Hagan as a gangster shepard
Joseph and Mary
reinacting the christmas story
Playing with Hagan and Anodyne
Jacob and Kevin and a Bird refuge
Noelle and I. It was cold.
New years at the Nuckols.

catch up

As promised earlier, here is our catch up post. 

As a Christmas gift to each other Jacob and I bought a tv at Costco. But here's the thing, you know how costco is really big? Well this causes the tv's to look smaller. We picked up out one that we thought was normal size only to realize that it is actually huge! It is definately the focal poiont of our small living room.

Before christmas break my brother Steven came to San Francisco for a conference. In one day we took him to see the full house houses, ate clam chowder bread bowls on the wharf, and drove across the golden gate bridge. It was all really quick so next time you come we promise we'll spend more time at these places.

Of course jacob was busy in school. here area few of the things he worked on during 2nd quarter.
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Jacob and I also celebrated our two year anniversary. We went to the play The Christmas Carol  at ACT theater. Of course I forgot my camera so here is a picture from their website. Sorry it's so big. The play was great but we got stuck in front of two old ladies that talked the whole time. How do you tell a grandma to shut up? We couldn't figure out how so we just suffered through and occasional threw a evil glare over our shoulders.