Thursday, September 22, 2011

Video overload

Here are 4 cute videos of Matea. The first is her third attempt at crawling. All her therapists are very happy with Matea's progress and she is exactly on track with her adjusted age.

The next video has some cute giggles in the first 30 seconds

Matea has now had a few run-ins with dogs and it's hard to tell what she thinks. She has a shrill laugh/cry but when we would take her away she would cry lol

One thing Matea does love is the pool. We can't wait to take her to Maui for our birthday week


Here are some cute pics of Matea I just had to share

Ohh we also got a second car! Nothing fancy,just a honda accord off Craigslist. It sure is nice not having to juggle our schedules around who needs a car
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Murder Mystery

Once again I've fallen behind on blogging.I completly skipped the fabulous trip to my parents cabin. Luckily my sister in law did a great job blogging about it so if you are dying to know what we did check it out.

In somewhat more recent news we had a murder mystery party at our place with Jacob's co-workers. The best part of it was finely having nice kitchen to cook in.

I made 2 desserts- cookie dough pops and carrot cake whoopie pies

For appetizers I made artichoke dip, bruchetta, and meatballs. Jacobs coworkers also brought some things so we had quite the spread.

My character was the town librarian/gossip who loves cats. Matea made the perfect kitty.

Contrary to the above picture Matea had a fun time too.

Jacob was the detective but I didn't get a good photo of him.

I love having a house where we can actually have people over and have parties!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tent Rocks

Two weekends ago we drove out to a place called Tent Rocks to go hiking with some of Jacob's coworkers. While going through the park entrance a worker told us to pay attention to the weather because they'd had some flash floods the last couple of days. That made us all real excited lol. Luckily, the weather was great and the sights were beautiful.

mini tent rocks

at the beginning of the hike

little canyons to walk through reminded us of the movie 127 Hours

Big tent rocks

view from the top

Matea loved hiking but on the way dowon fell asleep

It's definately a hike I'd do again
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