Thursday, September 22, 2011

Video overload

Here are 4 cute videos of Matea. The first is her third attempt at crawling. All her therapists are very happy with Matea's progress and she is exactly on track with her adjusted age.

The next video has some cute giggles in the first 30 seconds

Matea has now had a few run-ins with dogs and it's hard to tell what she thinks. She has a shrill laugh/cry but when we would take her away she would cry lol

One thing Matea does love is the pool. We can't wait to take her to Maui for our birthday week

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capted3126 said...

i trained my 2,an 8 mo/old and 14 mo, at the YWCA....they were like little fish....wish i had recorded it....good job folks,from a proud paralyzed veteran,its so wonderful to see great american families doing whats beyond the norm.