Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ultimate Couples Weekend!!!

Over labor day weekend Jacob and I were invited by our friends the Larsens to participate in their annual Ultimate Couples Weekend (UCW). Sarah was nice enough to open up her parents place in Laguna beach for several couples to come and hangout for the weekend. WE had a blast! Thanks Sarah and Patrick for planning this fab vacation.
Picking up trashy magazines for the beach and of course some frozen yogurt.
Girls getting pedicures while the boys were playing tennis
The girls at the beach
Making s'mores by the beach bonfire

The boys after taking a dip in the ocean in their birthday suits.

Back in San Francisco we attended a surprise birthday party for Emily and got this great group pic (thanks julie) of most of the dental school families. Still can't believe this is our last year.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Girly books

For some reason I'm really excited to have a girl so that I can read/ share with her some of the classic chick lit. My list so far

Little house on the prairie series
Little Women
A Little Princess (I've actually never read the book but loved the movie so I will be reading this)
Girl of the Limberlost
Anne of Green Gables
Harriet the Spy

Some less girly ones
James and the Giant peach
Charlotte's Web
The Hobbit (I don't know if I could read it a second time but it was a great book)

What are some books you loved read to you, or reading by yourself, as a kid?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Shower

This past week I was able to fly home and visit my family. The trip was completely last minute but soo much fun. My mom and sister-in-law Jessica threw together an amazing baby shower for me too. Get ready for picture overload

Jacob and I as babies
Yummy food
party favors

Napkins in diapers
Jessica even made creme brulee
Me and my high school friend Janell who is due around the same time as me
Playing games

Opening gifts

Me and Grandma Lola
Grandma Maxfield, me and my mom. We made this quilt!
Jessica, the party planner
High school friends, Joanna, Natalie,and me
High school friends and moms.

I just want to say thank you to everyone for coming. I know it was last minute and the weekend before school stated but thanks for coming out. Our little girl will now have clothes, lotion, toys, and a stroller!