Monday, August 22, 2011

Pinterest Made Me Do It

Like so many others I have become addicted to pinterest. After pinning all these cute ideas I decided it was time to do some of them. My first project was some baby name art. I was just going to by it from the etsy seller but she had closed her store for the time so I decided to do it myself with a little bit of help from Jacob. The finished canvas.

The next project involved my wonderful dad. Jacob and I had left some boxes at my parents house so they were kind enough to rent a truck and bring it out to us. Before trekking from WA to NM I asked my dad if he could make me a headboard and sent him a few pins I liked. This is the finished project 

Pretty amazing I think! My dad is awesome with his hands, not only can he work on teeth but he can draw, paint, and do woodwork. Now I just need a better duvet cover.

The next project also involved my dad. He made me a pallet shelf which I am loving. I still need to fill it with pictures though

While my dad was hard at work My mom and I got to decorate Matea's nursery. We started out by making a mobile using an embroidery hoop, paper, fishing line, and ribbon.

The next project was some wall art made from embroidery hoops and fabric. I love how it turned out.

There are still a few more pictures to be hung and boxes to be organized but Matea's nursery is now a cute and happy place to be.

I already have more crafts from pinterest to do so I better get started.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Matea Update

Matea had her 9 month check up yesterday. When looking at growth statistics the go by adjusted age which puts her at 7 months. At a whooping 13 pounds she is around the 3rd percentile for weight. The crazy thing is her head is in the 98th percentile. We had to get two ultrasounds to make sure nothing fishy was going on but it looks like it's just a cause she comes from a family of big heads. Her adjusted length puts her in the 25th percentile.

What's amazing about our little munchkin is that she is almost caught up to her real age as far as milestones go. That big head of hers has slowed down her gross motor skills a smich so she is still seeing a physical therapist for that. She can now sit be herself for a bit, scoot backwards when on her tummy and if she's motivated enough roll around. Her fine motor skills are right on track for a 9 month old as well as her communication/social skills. She's a little chatter box and loves smiling at people.

Getting into her toy box

She is still having problems eating as much as we like so she's going to start seeing a speech therapist again soon. We started feeding her solids and I would say at least half her meal ends up all over her. We've really liked the early intervention here in New Mexico. All the therapist come to our house which is great since we only have one car. Here's a little video of matea when she was first figuring out how to scoot.

Matea is doing a lot better sleeping now. She only wakes up once at night to eat and then at 6 or seven. This has been great because I can now get at least a 4 hour block of sleep, if i'm lucky i'll get 6.

We love are little girl and can't believe how smart, happy and curious she is.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Water park fun

In Albuquerque there's a hotel that has an indoor water park attached to it. When you buy a room you get wristbands for access to the park. Jacob's older sister and two boys were coming into town so we got to go hang out here for two days. It was a lot of fun

By far Jacob's favorite thing was the surfing. He did say it was different then surfing in San Francisco, sorry babe but there's no ocean near by.

Matea in her teddy swimsuit


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