Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Little Kickers

We signed Matea up for soccer. It's a program called little kickers that the indoor club does. Matea's age group is mom and tot so it's been fun running after her with my growing belly.  It's by far her favorite thing we've paid for her to do. She loves her soccer shirt and soccer shoes and says them over and over on the way to class. She does a surprisingly good job at listening to her coach J. She's probably the slowest runner but she loves to squeal the whole time which makes me laugh. For Valentines day we are getting her an Adidas tracksuit that I'm sure she'll love



So there were too many pictures from thanksgiving to pick so I'm just skipping to Christmas. We spent it here in New Mexico and it was a lot of fun. All of Jacob's sibling were able to come down and the cousins were able to play. Nanny got stuff for gingerbread houses and matea loved it.

 This was the first year we had Christmas in our home.

I'm realizing I take most photos with my phone now so I don't have as many to post on here. Follow me on instagram if you want to see more of Matea