Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baby update

Family has been asking for picture updates so here we go. To find out how far along we were I had an ultrasound to measure what size baby was. I guess that little dot is a baby at 7 weeks and 1 day.

Here I am at 12 weeks
14 weeks and i just feel like a look chubby
Finally it resembles a baby. Here's our baby at a little over 15 weeks.

I'll probably have another ultrasound in mid august and hopefully we will be able to find out the sex!

Jeremiah's Visit

Jacob's brother Jeremiah came to visit us for his birthday. I was feeling sick for a good part of it but we still managed to have a great time. The boys got to surf and golf, we went to see toy story 3 (so cute) and Jeremiah got to explore downtown SF

We had a great time Jeremiah and you are welcome back anytime!

That goes for everyone else too, we love having visitors.
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Part 2

One version of paint balling we played involved making one person dress up in life jacket, three pants, helmet, and gloves and be our target. Jacob and Steven were the brave ones

We took one tradition from Jacob's family reunions. Each couple got a model boat they had to put together and design to float. We then took turns shooting each others boats to see who could last the longest.
Construction area
Jacob and I had the Titanic. We wanted to rewrite history.

all the boats

Let the shooting begin!

Surprisingly the Titanic was the last to sink
The girls thought it was loud

We also went on a great hike

Riley led the way, she was so fast.
Emma did a great job all on her own
I needed some help

The rest of the trip was filled with flower picking
Hot tubbing
and enjoying each others company
Thanks for planning such a great vacation mom!
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Fourth of July Reunion Part 1

For the week of fourth of July my whole family got together at our new fabulous cabin. We relaxed and played bocce ball

Ate lots of good food

enjoyed the view from our bakyard

rode dirt bikes and four wheelers
soaked up some sun while boating and jetskiing
May have been the only one on lake cle elum. So pretty and just about the same temp as the columbia river, brrr!

Went paintballing

was the a picture overload? Don't worry there's more to come :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Cabin History

For the past few years my mother has been looking for a cabin to call her own. My mother grew up with a cabin get-away in Mack's Inn Yellowstone. Their cabin was named Scalleywag cabin (my mom's maiden name is Scalley)
Then both my grandparents lived up in the mountains while I was a child. There are several memories of driving up the winding roads, spotting out the spooky old tree or fallen giant, and spending time on the mountain with family.
My Parents finally found the perfect cabin a few months ago. Located about 2 hours outside of Seattle, it is convenient to get to. While it may be the most modern cabin I've seen, it fits our families needs perfectly.


About 3 weeks ago my brother and his wife came and visited us before we all flew to Washington for a family reunion. We tried to cram as much into the few days they were here. Our first stop after the picking them up from the airport was our favorite taco place in the mission. We then drove to the painted ladies (aka full house houses)
After that we dropped off their luggage at our place and headed to the tourist trap that is fisherman's wharf.
We checked out the sea lions and then had Boudin's bread bowls for dinner.

WE then drove to chrissy field to fly our new kite. It was cold but so much fun!

The next day we drove to Muir woods to check out the redwoods.
Later that night we saw the Giants beat the Red Sox. Steven and Meredith were sad, Jacob was happy, I was content with my pretzel.

The following morning we watched USA lose which was so sad. T make us feel better we went to the beach. The flew the kite a little more and played bocce ball.

We had a great time in SF with them and then flew early morning the next day to Seattle to see the rest of my family.