Monday, July 12, 2010

Cabin History

For the past few years my mother has been looking for a cabin to call her own. My mother grew up with a cabin get-away in Mack's Inn Yellowstone. Their cabin was named Scalleywag cabin (my mom's maiden name is Scalley)
Then both my grandparents lived up in the mountains while I was a child. There are several memories of driving up the winding roads, spotting out the spooky old tree or fallen giant, and spending time on the mountain with family.
My Parents finally found the perfect cabin a few months ago. Located about 2 hours outside of Seattle, it is convenient to get to. While it may be the most modern cabin I've seen, it fits our families needs perfectly.

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Karen said...

I love your post--
for some reason it brought tears to my eyes--maybe I am having sympathy emotions with your pregnancy!!
I hope you love our new cabin as much as we do!!