Friday, July 16, 2010

Part 2

One version of paint balling we played involved making one person dress up in life jacket, three pants, helmet, and gloves and be our target. Jacob and Steven were the brave ones

We took one tradition from Jacob's family reunions. Each couple got a model boat they had to put together and design to float. We then took turns shooting each others boats to see who could last the longest.
Construction area
Jacob and I had the Titanic. We wanted to rewrite history.

all the boats

Let the shooting begin!

Surprisingly the Titanic was the last to sink
The girls thought it was loud

We also went on a great hike

Riley led the way, she was so fast.
Emma did a great job all on her own
I needed some help

The rest of the trip was filled with flower picking
Hot tubbing
and enjoying each others company
Thanks for planning such a great vacation mom!
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1 comment:

Karen said...

We had the best time with all of you!!
Loved the old traditions and all the new ones!!
Thanks for being such amazing children!