Monday, October 20, 2008


So at the GAP they gave us shirts to wear on Thursday and Nov. 4th that say "vote for_______." It's our job to write something on our shirts. It can't be anything crude or violent or actually endorsing a political candidate. So with all these limitations, I just don't know what to put. Any recommendations. 

Some examples are, 
"vote for love"
 "vote for peace"
 "vote for education"

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Some people say that Christmas is the best time of the year...I disagree. I love Halloween and October. All the leaves are changing color and the air has that cold, crisp feel. I love the decorations on houses and lawns. On Fillmore street the trees are lit with purple and orange lights creating a fun halloweeny feel. 

I also love pumpkins. Whether it be pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin seeds they all are great! And who doesn't love carving that big orange plant into a Jack-o-Lantern? Sticking your hands into the gooey inside is fun for all ages. 

Another great aspect of October is seeing all the cute/creative costumes. I love to see the little kids dress up as animals, princesses, and ghouls. It's so fun to be something different for a day. With dressing up comes all the candy! Only on Halloween are kids allowed to get a pillowcase full of yummy treats. As a kid I would go home and organize all my candy. I was sure to hide all the good stuff (like Reese's peanut but cups or Laffy Taffys) under the not so hot candy (like bubble yum or those nasty orange puffy peanuts). I did this in hopes my brothers would not take my good stuff
(these are my nieces. I stole the pictures from my sister in-laws blog)

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "wait Morgan, you just like Halloween because it's your birthday." While it is true that I was born on this fabulous day, therefore not only do a I get showered with candy but also gifts, it is not the only reason. I believe this holiday helps us all remember how fun it was to be a kid. We remember how we thought we could be anything and we could also eat anything and not really regret it later.

So here's to Halloween, the best holiday ever!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Quarter Break

Jacob finished his first quarter at dental school last friday and got a week off. We tried to cram that week full of great times.On friday night Jacob's dad flew into town. The next morning Jacob took us to his school where he let his dad try his hand at drilling a cavity. 

We then headed to the huge farmers market town by the pier. It was sooo much fun. They have pictures, clothes, and a ton of fruit and vegtables. Jacob made us get a Pluot (a cross between a plum and a apricot) and it was delicous.

That night we went to a San Francisco Giants game.  They played LA Dodgers and it was close but we lost. The Stadium was really cool, overlooking the bay and all. It was tricky finding parking so we parked in a iffy spot. when we got to our car after the game, what did we find? A $60 ticket!!!

On Sunday we went to church and then headed over to Marin to go to Muir woods. IT was beautiful there and luckily free! The sad thing is I put my water bottle in my purse where it leaked all over. My camera was in there making it nonfunctional. From here on out the post will be picture less untill I can get some from my father-in-laws camera.

On Monday, Jacob, Darell, and Rad wanted to go surfing. When we drove out to the beach the water was flat. Not to be discouraged the boys decided to rent a kayak. Me, Laura (rad's wife) and her baby Jack stayed on the beach and chit chatted. When they got back they told how they fliped the kayak like three times! Too bad we couldn't see that.

On Tuesday We flew to San Diego with Jacob's dad. We met his mom at the airport then headed to his sister Kristen's new home. She just had a baby andwas in the process of moving so we spent the next couple of days painting there house. Jacob did get a chance at attempting to surf while in San Diego. 

When we got back into San Francisco Jacob and I went to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. It was a free concert festival at the Golden Gate Park. We saw Ben Kweller perform and then got to talk to him for a bit and got him to sign my shirt. We also saw the group who sang "Woody's Roundup" for Toy Story 2 perform and a Russian group called Gogol Bodella.

Overall the break was terrific! Tomorrow Jacob goes back to school and I start work for real.