Monday, October 20, 2008


So at the GAP they gave us shirts to wear on Thursday and Nov. 4th that say "vote for_______." It's our job to write something on our shirts. It can't be anything crude or violent or actually endorsing a political candidate. So with all these limitations, I just don't know what to put. Any recommendations. 

Some examples are, 
"vote for love"
 "vote for peace"
 "vote for education"


Theresa said...

Vote for Morgan?

Heather I. said...

Say Vote for Me!

The Clark Family said...

i was thinking the same thing!

vote for me!

Jessica said...

The first thing that came into my mind:
Vote for Pedro.
I know its been done before, but the Napoleon Dynamite fan in me refuses to die.

Emily said...

vote for oranges

Sarah Larsen said...

Not creepy. We want to hang out with you too!! Lets definitely set something up. I think Jacob/Patrick exchanged numbers and chatted last week, but lets kick those boys into gear and get together soon!

Mike and Brit said...

I have to admit, I have no idea what you should put on your shirt. However I was excited to find your blog cuz! It looks like you guys are having a great time together and things are going well. Give me an update every now and then and you can even look at out blog if you want to!!! It's

The Betitas said...

how about vote for kind considerations

Annie said...

Ok. This is all I've got:
I think you should add a comma after vote and write in "for real" as in "seriously" like stressing the importance of voting.

Basically I'm saying change the sentence grammatically so you're encouraging people to vote, not addressing an issue.

Too complicated? Maybe. :) Good luck!