Monday, September 21, 2009

Our new home

Just kidding! Over the holiday weekend we decided to be tourist with our friends Patrick and Sarah and visited the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. It was fun but definitely only something you need to do once. The story is that Mrs Winchester visited a psychic after her husband died and was told that all the spirits that were killed by her husbands gun company would hunt her unless she built a house and never stopped building it. This means there is now a house in San Jose with stairs that lead to no where and doors that open out to nothing.
Mrs Winchester was short enough to walk through that little door
the easy rider stairs she had for her bad knees
Jacob and Patrick
Can you see the door that leads you to a free fall?

After checking that off our list we headed to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. It was fun but again probably something we only need to do once.
Later that week we went to the Academy of Science. We went during there night life hours which was great because you have to be 21+ meaning there were no kids screaming. If you don't have kids this is definitely the way to see this place. tickets are way cheaper and you can see everything you want. Jacob and I both thought this place was better than Monterrey.
The only picture we really took. An albino alligator.

Always playing catchup

Sorry it's been awhile since a post. Nothing extremely exciting has been happening but to prove we are alive and doing well here are some photos.

We went to Muir woods again with a first year couple and had a fun time.

Where's my other half?

my karate kid

Jacob and some of his classmates joined a city soccer league. There name is the amalgamators (I have no idea if that's how you spell it). They have done really well so far.

a sign I made to cheer them on
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