Monday, April 26, 2010

Last day!!!

Our last Day in the Dominican Republic was spent being a tourist. The Orphanage group first took us to a souvenir store
Orphanage Outreach is what keeps this place in business

We then went to a park with a clock tower designed by the man we designed the Eiffel Tower
If you've ever heard about our seen the movie The year of the Butterflies this is next to the daughter's husbands home (did that make any sense?)
We then checked out the orphanages English language center. The teach English here for students everyday and have a small library so they can check out books.
There were some good views from the top

Jacob and I with Bryson, the man in charge of organizing the dental trips.
We then got feed a delicious lunch at a restaurant
Can you spot the stewed goat on our plate?
We then headed to the ocean where there was a little hike you could take.

Behind us is the beach we walked down to to swim

All the girls
The boys
IT was a great way to end our trip. The water was so warm, the sand was smooth, and the sun was out in full force.
We also stopped for ice cream
The next morning we left early only to find out our flight was delayed. Because of this we missed our connecting flight. The airline was nice though and gave us free hotel accommodations and a meal voucher. It was nice having a warm shower and a good nights sleep before jumping on another plane.

Day 7

Today was our last day of dental work. Instead of working at a disco tech we were located at a banana washing facility. We were originally supposed to work out of the manure storage shed but when we arrived it was being used. We gladly set up on the loading dock instead.
Bananas being brought to the station on a pully
The loading dock
The washing tubs and the line

All the instruments

Setting up the suction. We had a hard time this day with our generator but still managed to see a ton of people.

This boy was sad when his mom left to get work done. I tried to cheer him up but he soon fell asleep on my lap
The whole dental team at the end of the day.

Omeed, who was the one to plan a lot of this trip, got sick this day because he drank some water. Good friends that we are, we all stuck our name tags on him without him noticing.
It wasn't until we got back to the orphanage that we told him

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 6

Day 3 of dental clinic. The lines were very long here and the population here was 90% Haitian but they had already immigrated from Haiti prior to the earthquake. I was excited because I was told that more people would speak French at this location. I figured my two years of high school French would pay off, nope. The Haitians spoke this mix of Spanish and French that was so hard to understand called Creole. The Spanish translators and the French Canadian family had a hard time making out a few words.

This was probably the craziest day. At one point the men were pushing in front of the women and children and we had to shut down the line for a little bit to do crowd control. Luckily there was a gate we could close until things settled down.
Setting up in the morning
already a line
Watch out for cows walking down the road
where we set up
The crazy long line
Me having to gate off the entrance
The man in charge of the dental clinics here in the DR and our Supervisor Dr. Salmon
One fun thing about this place was that we were right next to a cock fighting ring. Here's Jacob and Chrishelle in front of the cages
Jacob fighting Herbie in the ring
We got to burn things at this location
On the drive home after a long day of work. Some house we saw.

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Day 5

This was our second day of dental work and as we soon realized each batay was poorer then the last.
Some of the housing next to the disco tech we worked at.
One fun thing about this location was all the children running around.
They loved taking pictures and then looking at them.

I taught a few of the girls the high five game -up high , to the side, to slow joe and they loved it
A good pick of the area the dentist worked in behind us
While I got to play with the children and register people Jacob was hard at work

One of the many teeth he pulled out.
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