Friday, April 9, 2010

Dominican Republic Day 1 and 2

As some of you have probably heard by now, Jacob and I spent our spring break in the Dominican Republic on a dental service mission. We were there for a week with some of Jacob's fellow dental students through a group called Orphanage Outreach. We saw and did a lot so the next few blog posts are going to be about this awesome experience we had.

We left on a Thursday afternoon from SFO and headed to JFK where it was midnight and we had an 8 hour layover. We caught a cab into New York and ate/walked around.
We then headed back to the airport and caught our flight to the DR. Surprisingly we got through customs with all our bags filled with dental supplies quickly. We then found two of the most uncomfortable vans to take us to a resort we would be staying at for one night before we would head to the orphanage.
making sure we have everyone and everything
In the resort lobby waiting for our rooms
Our room.
The next day we spent on the beach relaxing and playing volleyball.

We then got shuttled over to the orphanage we would be staying at for the rest of the week. There was some confusion with the cab drivers on the price and we ended up paying a lot more then was originally bargained, dang language barrier.
The Orange and cream building is the orphanage and the bright green is the office/supply building. We stayed behind the building in a separate area so we wouldn't distract the kids to much.
The blue bunk is for boys
and the green bunk is for girls.
Inside the cabins were bunk beds with mosquito nets. The first night was awful because I was sunburned and different groups were checking in all night. The rest of the nights I slept great but that was probably because of the benadryl. Jacob and I didn't get too many mosquito bites unlike some in our group.

All the towels drying.

The bathrooms were interesting. We had to take navy showers (cold water to get wet, turn off and lather up, turn water back on and rinse off) and the toilets followed the rule if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down. Oh also no toilet paper in the toilet. These bathrooms seemed awesome after a day of dental work at the banana plantations.

Me and some of the dental students relaxing before the day began.


Meredith said...

That is so cool. I am excited to hear more!

Jessica said...

so happy/jealous you got to do this! keep the posts coming.

Karen said...

great post Morgan--
what an amazing adventure--so glad you were able to go with Jacob.