Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 5

This was our second day of dental work and as we soon realized each batay was poorer then the last.
Some of the housing next to the disco tech we worked at.
One fun thing about this location was all the children running around.
They loved taking pictures and then looking at them.

I taught a few of the girls the high five game -up high , to the side, to slow joe and they loved it
A good pick of the area the dentist worked in behind us
While I got to play with the children and register people Jacob was hard at work

One of the many teeth he pulled out.
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Karen said...

The children look so cute--
that tooth looks so gnarly!

Lindsay said...

man.. that tooth... IT LOOKS TERRIBLE!! way to help out.. i really wanna do something like this.. i think it would be a good experience.