Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 3

The day after we arrived we unpacked all the dental supplies and organized them. WE found out that there were 5 dentist, two from Canada, two Mormons, and the teacher that had come with us as supervisor. There was one hygienist and one dental assistant. There were 13 students from University of the Pacific, one from the UK and me. One of the dentist brought her husband and kids and another brought his daughter as an assistant.

After organizing everything the Orphanage coordinator took us on a little tour around the orphanage neighborhood.
One particularly muddy street.
Later that day we went to church with the orphanage. The Orphanage is run by the Pentecostal church so while we stayed there we had to follow there rules. No shorts for the girls, no tank tops, no swearing or drinking or worldly music, and swimsuits had to be one pieces.
We had to borrow skirts to attend the service.
One thing that really surprised me about the trip was how good the food was. I was expecting rice and beans every night but they made some delicious food for us.

We went to bed anxious for the next day of dental work.

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Karen said...

great photos--
wow, you will always remember this trip together!!