Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 6

Day 3 of dental clinic. The lines were very long here and the population here was 90% Haitian but they had already immigrated from Haiti prior to the earthquake. I was excited because I was told that more people would speak French at this location. I figured my two years of high school French would pay off, nope. The Haitians spoke this mix of Spanish and French that was so hard to understand called Creole. The Spanish translators and the French Canadian family had a hard time making out a few words.

This was probably the craziest day. At one point the men were pushing in front of the women and children and we had to shut down the line for a little bit to do crowd control. Luckily there was a gate we could close until things settled down.
Setting up in the morning
already a line
Watch out for cows walking down the road
where we set up
The crazy long line
Me having to gate off the entrance
The man in charge of the dental clinics here in the DR and our Supervisor Dr. Salmon
One fun thing about this place was that we were right next to a cock fighting ring. Here's Jacob and Chrishelle in front of the cages
Jacob fighting Herbie in the ring
We got to burn things at this location
On the drive home after a long day of work. Some house we saw.

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Jeff and Stevie said...

Looks like you guys had a great experience!

Karen said...

Wow, what an eye-opener.
People jostling to see a dentist!!
The housing conditions. . .
We take so much for granted.

On a lighter note:

Jacob and Herbie fighting in the round--what a sight that must have been!!