Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 7

Today was our last day of dental work. Instead of working at a disco tech we were located at a banana washing facility. We were originally supposed to work out of the manure storage shed but when we arrived it was being used. We gladly set up on the loading dock instead.
Bananas being brought to the station on a pully
The loading dock
The washing tubs and the line

All the instruments

Setting up the suction. We had a hard time this day with our generator but still managed to see a ton of people.

This boy was sad when his mom left to get work done. I tried to cheer him up but he soon fell asleep on my lap
The whole dental team at the end of the day.

Omeed, who was the one to plan a lot of this trip, got sick this day because he drank some water. Good friends that we are, we all stuck our name tags on him without him noticing.
It wasn't until we got back to the orphanage that we told him

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Karen said...

So Jacob will love ANY office he ends up working in after doing dental work in a disco hall, cock-fighting arena and a banana plant! Wow what an adventure!!
And you look like you had fun too!