Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tent Rocks

Two weekends ago we drove out to a place called Tent Rocks to go hiking with some of Jacob's coworkers. While going through the park entrance a worker told us to pay attention to the weather because they'd had some flash floods the last couple of days. That made us all real excited lol. Luckily, the weather was great and the sights were beautiful.

mini tent rocks

at the beginning of the hike

little canyons to walk through reminded us of the movie 127 Hours

Big tent rocks

view from the top

Matea loved hiking but on the way dowon fell asleep

It's definately a hike I'd do again
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Theresa said...

We love Tent Rocks!

Karen said...

that is AMAZING!!
I love the formations--out of this world--feeling.
And I soooooo miss your baby girl TeĆ”

ConnieGirl said...

those are so funny-looking!

Monica and Whitney said...

This place looks awesome!

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