Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Murder Mystery

Once again I've fallen behind on blogging.I completly skipped the fabulous trip to my parents cabin. Luckily my sister in law did a great job blogging about it so if you are dying to know what we did check it out.

In somewhat more recent news we had a murder mystery party at our place with Jacob's co-workers. The best part of it was finely having nice kitchen to cook in.

I made 2 desserts- cookie dough pops and carrot cake whoopie pies

For appetizers I made artichoke dip, bruchetta, and meatballs. Jacobs coworkers also brought some things so we had quite the spread.

My character was the town librarian/gossip who loves cats. Matea made the perfect kitty.

Contrary to the above picture Matea had a fun time too.

Jacob was the detective but I didn't get a good photo of him.

I love having a house where we can actually have people over and have parties!


Spillers Family said...

Fun! Matea is a doll and I LOVE your top Morgan!

Anonymous said...

You make an excellent librarian! I want to host a murder mystery party. You'll have to give me tips and tell me how you did it! It looks like so much fun!