Monday, October 3, 2011


A couple of weekends ago we made the drive to Provo with Jacob's parents to meet Matea's newest cousin Norah.

For the first time Matea showed interest in another baby. It was so fun to meet Katy and Jordan's little girl.

She also got to meet her Uncle Jeremiah for the first time.

Jacob holding Norah

Matea loves the pool

We also went to the aweful game that was BYU vs Utah. To makeit worse we were three rows in front of the Utah marching band.

Matea also got to meet her gigi and pa pa

Katy came back with us to Albuquerque to hang out for a few more days.

Cute cousins

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ConnieGirl said...

AWwww Matea looks so cute in her little BYU cheerleading outfit!!! AND I SPY THE BRANBURY!!!! Hahahah too funny!