Saturday, October 22, 2011


Wow October has been a busy month! I have a lot of catching up to do on this blog. You can bet that once Oct. 1st rolled around Halloween decorations went up. Jacob even got into the fun by mowing BOO! intoour front yard, isn't he cute!

Decorating for Halloween was always a big deal in my family so my mom sent me a package full of crepe paper to make spiderwebs with. Matea was taking a nap when I put them up so when she woke up she was all excited and kept pointing at them.

Thanks to pinterest I made the easiest Halloween wreath ever and love it.

Another pinterest find- free prints!

Spooky bottles

And of course we have the candy bowls out

Our fireplace- hopefumore pumpkins will be joining these two.

I'm even making Matea get in the spirit of Halloween by dressing her in Halloween gear at least once a week. Some of her outfits-

She wouldn't look at me for this photo

Hope everyone is enjoying the best month of the year!
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Karen said...

We always celebrated Halloween big time...because it was our favorite girl's BIRTHDAY!!!
glad you are carrying on the house decorations tradition-- You are doing it very well, crafty lady!
can't wait to celebrate with you this year!!

Nicole said...

This brings back memories of freshman year! Your Mom is the best!