Friday, January 16, 2009

models needed

So as many of you already know I have started cosmetology school. I will be posting more on that later.  Right now I am writing because every friday we need models to practice our new skills on. here is the schedule

Next week--- updos
jan 30th----one length haircut
feb 6th-----long layers
feb 13------Male haircut (jacob might take this spot is he can get away from school)
feb 27th-----all over color
march 6th-----partial foil
march 13th---full foil
march 20th, 27th, april 3rd, 10th are repeats of anything we can find a model for.

The service is completely free and we do have an instructor supervising us that will correct/ stop any mistakes I may make. As of right now the time I would need people is 1 pm. Emily was a brave soul and was my first hair  model recieiving a stress relieving treatment and blow dry, thanks so much Emily! 

If anyone is interested just let me know


Theresa said...

I wish :(

Karen said...

I would love to fly to SF and have you do my hair on Friday-but my private jet is having it's oil changed--dang it--so maybe next month!!
I so wish I could be one of your models!!
I will have to plan a trip soon!!
I can't believe you are already working on real hair--amazing!!

natalie + joshua said...

Morgan, I had no idea that you started cosmetology school, (I must have missed that post)! I wish that I could be a hair model for you too but sadly I was depending on Karen to pick me up in her jet--so I guess it may be awhile. Good luck with school!

Nicole said...

That is awesome!!! I think i might drive out there just to have you cut my hair..I need one really badly!