Monday, January 5, 2009

catch up

As promised earlier, here is our catch up post. 

As a Christmas gift to each other Jacob and I bought a tv at Costco. But here's the thing, you know how costco is really big? Well this causes the tv's to look smaller. We picked up out one that we thought was normal size only to realize that it is actually huge! It is definately the focal poiont of our small living room.

Before christmas break my brother Steven came to San Francisco for a conference. In one day we took him to see the full house houses, ate clam chowder bread bowls on the wharf, and drove across the golden gate bridge. It was all really quick so next time you come we promise we'll spend more time at these places.

Of course jacob was busy in school. here area few of the things he worked on during 2nd quarter.
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Jacob and I also celebrated our two year anniversary. We went to the play The Christmas Carol  at ACT theater. Of course I forgot my camera so here is a picture from their website. Sorry it's so big. The play was great but we got stuck in front of two old ladies that talked the whole time. How do you tell a grandma to shut up? We couldn't figure out how so we just suffered through and occasional threw a evil glare over our shoulders.


The Clark Family said...

Love your new TV! Ryan is actually going to costco after school to get one! (It was a gift from my parents...) How did you guys get it home? :) I don't know if the box is going to fit in our car,haha. We'll see! It looks like you guys had a great christmas break. Hopefully, Ill be seeing you soon!

Karen said...

Looks like you showed Steven the town in record time!!
Glad the TV fit into your car!! I would have loved a photo of that--enjoy your movies--I still think it's funny that you don't have cable, but you have a BIG TV!!
I'm envious of your SF weather--we got more snow today--crazy!