Friday, November 14, 2008


After getting married something wieght. I blame it on the fact that before getting married jacob and I had about six sessions with a personal trainer and lost wieght. After the honeymoon I put on the wieght I lost and then some.  Growing up I never really had to worry about my wieght, i had a fast metobolism and took it for granted. Now I am realizing that what I shove into my face actually does matter. 
mcface.jpg(if you haven't seen supesize me I recommend it. It's pretty interesting)

So you are probably thinking, so what, go out and exercise.  I know I should but I lack motivation. Even with a gym just 6 floors below me I can't seem to walk to the elevator ( I don't even need to walk down stairs) cross the lobby and enter the nice, free gym. WHAT"S WRONG WITH ME!?!?!

Well, I am proud to say that I might have found the motivation I need (besides my clothes all getting tighter).  It's an online program that counts calories for you. Not only does it count the calories you eat but it also counts the claories you burn! You enter you info, like wieght and different body measurements, and then keep a dialy journal of what you eat and do. There is also a tool that will calculate how many calories a person should consume at a particular height, age, and weight in order to maintain, lose, or gain pounds. 

Right now I haven't changed my eating habits. I want to see what I usually consume and set a realistic calorie amount. If you want to be super nit picky they have activities like doing laundry, carrying a child, and sleeping so you can really know how much you are burning. I am hoping that seeing how much I consume to how much I burn will get me to make that trip to the gym!

Oh yeah here's the website

Sign-up is free but they might sent you junk mail so make a fake e-mail and give them that adress.


Theresa said...

I gained 10+ pounds when we got married :(. My weight loss method? Having to get my gall bladder taken out...haha! But thanks for the website. And if you ever want an exercise program, call me up-it is my major :). I hope you guys are doing great! We miss ya!

Jill and Joel Gibb said...

Morgan you make me laugh!! You got a personal trainer before you got married to LOSE weight!?! You are like no bigger then a toothpick! I know a ton of women out there would kill to look 1/2 as good as you!! Heck i would kill to look as good as you!!

Laura Robins said...

So this is really cool. Maybe it will help me lose the rest of the baby weight. Thanks!

The Betitas said...

morgan, i know what you mean. i have about 10 lbs that i have been trying to lose that just won't come off. i have started walking so i am hoping that will help! if you find a magic secret, let me know!