Sunday, August 9, 2009

out and about

A couple of days ago it was Mormon night at the Giants Stadium. The Robins family was on the ball and got tickets for a bunch of us to go. It was a great game (they won!) and the weather was just right.

Laura and Me
Jacob and Jason, soo excited
Our child Jason

In other news- Jacob recently bought a surf board off craigslist and has been hitting the waves.

The group he goes surfing with.

While Jacob is busy with school, golf, or surfing I am either doing hair or getting a mani/pedi with some friends. Kari-lynn found a great deal we just couldn't pass up


Karen said...

Wow--you two are having a GREAT time!!
So happy for both of you--
Cool that Jacob is surfing--maybe he can teach the rest of us how!!
Wish I could have gone to the Giants game and salon with you!!
miss you, daughter!

Mike and Brit said...

Isn't California so much fun? I am glad you are enjoying it so much. We are getting ready to leave soon and are going to miss it a lot. Too bad we aren't living closer to San Francisco so we could come visit and so that I could have you cut my hair. It looks like you are getting really good at it!

Joanna said...

That was so fun. We've got to do it again!