Monday, August 3, 2009

White Coat Ceremony!!!

Cavities beware, Dr Rogers is here!

A few weeks ago UoP had their White Coat Ceremony. This means Jacob now has his very own dental coat and can now see patients! It was a great ceremony with a brunch followed by a few speeches that were short and sweet. The students then received their coats and said a dental oath of integrity and what not.
The Dean addressing the students

Jacob recieving his coat
Shaking hands with the Dean

Reciting the dental oath
Study buddies now serious dentists
So proud of my man!

The supportive dental wives minus a few.
Studly dentist
Photo op with Arthur A Dugoni (Namesake of Arthur Dugoni School of Dentistry)
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Sarah Larsen said...

OOH that dress looks GREAT on you! Better than on me :(

Sorry I didn't text you back Saturday--we were out with my dad and I completely spaced. Can I see you soon??

Karen said...

What a mile stone--
way to go Jacob--
and way to be supportive Morgan--that helps a lot!!
you both are looking good!!

Constance Marie said...

Hey, that's cool! I didn't know they did a white coat ceremony... kind of funny, but mostly cool :) Congrats!