Monday, November 9, 2009

October- The Best Month of the Year

I love October!

This year it was a ton of fun. For Halloween we did a few things. The night before we went to the Dental school pre-party. Last year we went to the official party and decided it was something you only need to do once. The pre-party was great because we got to see everyone before they got wasted- always a plus. Jacob was as clever as ever and went as a sim lab mannequin. It was pretty funny how he pulled it all together.
Pippi Longstocking trying her hand at dentistry
The mannequin
Ray From Mortal Combat was a pretty good dentist.

On Halloween I had to go to school and do hair. They let us dress up and had a costume competition in which I came in second place as Cleopatra! I left school early and headed to our ward trick-or-treat where we decorated a door and passed out candy. Jacob went with the dog costume this night. We realized that probably 1 out of 4 kids will scream and be freaked out by a giant dog lol.

An up close look at my wig and necklace I turned into a headpiece. I put this whole costume together at H&M, gotta love that store.
Later that night we celebrated my birthday by watching a scary movie that turned out to be only slightly scary.
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Karen said...

you both are sooooo clever!!
missed celebrating your birthday/halloween with you!!
see you soon!!

Meredith said...

I am glad that you included that it was a wig. Because I was sitting here trying to figure out if you had chopped your hair off...
We didn't make it to Steven's med school halloween party. Eh, oh well.

Nicole said...

I love your costume, and that wig is amazing!!! Remember that one time you guys surprised us with Jacob running into our apartment in his dog costume...that was classic...I really had no idea it was him:)