Sunday, December 6, 2009

Parents weekend!

A few weekends ago my parents came to town for my graduation party. Don't get to excited. I still haven't graduated yet. My last day at school is December 12th and then I will take the state board sometime in January or February. My school celebrates it early so that they can combine with a few other classes.

WE tried to cram in as much as possible in such a short time.
We went to the Sutro Baths which is the ruins of an old bath house on the beach.
Watching the waves

At the graduation party. Thank you so much mom and dad for making it possible for me to go into such an exciting career.

Also, thank you Jacob for all the love and support while I tried to decide what to do with my life. And also for letting me practice my mens haircutting skills!
Me, Amanda, and Jessica. Just the coolest/prettiest/awesomest girls at the school lol

My Intro teach who is hilarious and made sure we didn't get to frustrated with finger waves.
Priscilla- my current instructor who is fabulous and has made me not so freaked out about state boards.

The next day the boys went golfing and my and my mom drove the carts.

Love my mom!
zoolander face

Look at him strike a pose. if only they had America's Next top Model for guys lol

A beautiful day to golf.


Karen said...

We had such a GREAT time--
We are so proud of you~~
It was amazing how much we did in just 3 days!!
Thanks for showing us such a good time!
Love you too, daughter of mine!!

thesexyrays said...

Congrats on finishing! (soon) That's awesome, and good luck on the board! You're going to rock it.