Monday, October 12, 2009

Wish List

With my birthday and Christmas coming up I have complied a list of my material wishes. In no particular order

1-iphone-There's an app where you can enter in what you ate and how much you've worked out so really this is for my health and not for other silly reasons :)
2- Leather Jacket. While pricey it will last forever and I would consider it a staple item in any wardrobe
3- Make-up optional kit- Being in cosmo school has done a number on my skin. I blame it on the blow dryers making it so dang hot.
Advanced Makeup Optional® Skin ($166 Value)
4-Books. I love reading and find it makes my morning and evening bus ride go by quiker when I have good book on hand
5-Shears. The pair my school gave me are pretty crappy so a new pair would be amazing
6- Eye shadow. I'm trying to convert all my eyeshadow to pallet form so they are easier to travel with so far I have three in my 12 pallet case

What are you wishing for?


Theresa said...

You definitely deserve the I-phone, for your creativity :). Are you guys going to be coming back for any holidays? We would love to see you!

Karen said...

so that Barbie I got for your birthday, just isn't going to cut it, eh?

natalie said...

a trip to san fran to visit you.

miss you morgy porgy

Amy and Andrew said...

Hi Jacob and Morgan! how in the heck are you guys? I got a new blog address and want you guys to have it so we can be in touch! It is and its not private so check it out!! hope life is fabulous!