Monday, September 8, 2008

Green River Canoe Trip

May 14, 2008

So Jacob, his friends Kevin and Brad, and I went on a five day canoe trip on Green River. IT was a ton of fun and the weather was great.

The first day we left Provo at 5:30 am and drove to moab where Tex’s Riverways drove us to our put in location at Crystal Gyser. We had two canoes that were hooked together using a T-cat. We canoed about 13 miles the first day and then set up camp and a great spot that had log benches and everything.

Day two we canoed 15 miles. The beginning of the day was great but the last couple of miles the wind picked up and made canoeing pretty miserable.

Day three we canoed almost 30 miles because we wanted to get to this good campsite we had heard about. Unfortunately by the time we arrived, really late in the evening, a ton of people were there. it was odd though because we never saw any other canoers during the day. WE found a decent spot and set up camp. Because we had canoed so much we  were able to sleep in because we only had 8 miles left of our whole trip.

Day four- We decided that we were sick of setting up the tent and canoed the 8 miles to our pick up spot, mineral bottom.  Along the way we took our time and swam and hardly paddled. We then set up camp at our pick up spot.

Day Five-Since we were already at mineral bottom we just bummed around until our pick up arrived.

Overall the trip was great and I’d do it again. We were completly filthy by the end and slightly burned but it was worth it. 


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