Monday, September 8, 2008

Movin' on up

June 26, 2008

Last weekend Jacob and I drove from Washington to Provo where we loaded all our junk from the storage unit into a U-haul trailer.  We then drove from Provo to San Francisco where we met up with my parents and moved into our one bedroom apartment. It was a huge help having my parents there. Especially my dad because I am weak and poor Jacob would have had to carry almost everything by himself, so thank you dad. Here are some pictures of our place.


the apartment complex. One big concrete block


unloading our U-haul


one of the best features of our new space- a huge walk in closet. It’s probably as big as our kitchen


Our living room. It looks the same as our bedroom. I was surprised how roomy it really was


The kitchen. It surprisingly has a lot of cupboard space which is nice. But not microwave :( We had to buy one at Costco


One of the views from our living room.

 We are excited to get all of our furniture in and be settled. Since we were lucky enough to get school housing Jacob gets his books for school delivered here and there is a shuttle from our place to the school.

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