Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall into the Gap

I found a job!!! Ok I really didn't find it but Liz, another dental school wife, hooked me up. Firday was my first day and they didn't have time to give me an orientation so they just had me in the kids section. I folded clothes, greeted customers, and at the end of the day helped take down mannequins. I won't start officialy until october 7th. It's not the most thought provoking job but it gets me out of my house, I get paid, and I get a sweet discount. Thanks Liz!


Karen said...

Way to go working woman!!
Now you can check out the jeans sizes and get yours before they sell out!!
Proud of you!

LMKeyes said...

Congratulations! Which GAP are you working at? You'll have to let me know when all the good sales!

The Betitas said...

That is great news!!!!! I would love that discount! Congrats!