Monday, September 8, 2008

Dental School Experiance

April 6, 2008

As we prepare to start dental school I often wonder what it will be like.  These are the opinions of several dental students on a dental student discussion board on whether dental school is fun.  It sure makes me excited to get started!


“Dentistry is great.  Dental school?  Not so much.”


“If I had to equate it to something, I’m guessing it is sort of like pledging a frat, but for 4 years.  There are a lot of good times, but the times that suck, really suck, and there are lots of times that suck.”


“You are in for a world of pain.”


“Sure, it will be fun.  Now bend over.”


“Dental school sucks!”


“I’ve never been so tired in my life! I wish I could go back and take all those naps that I wasted in kindergarten.”


“First of all dental school is like getting an ice pick stuck in your eye. Yes, you’ll make some friends along the way because you are all getting stuck with the same ‘ice pick’ and can relate to each other’s plight. But the reality is that you have this pain in your eye for 4 long years and that should be your chief concern. Graduating from dentalschool is the equivalent of having the ice pick removed from your eye. Trying to get your final clinical requirements down the stretch for some feels like the bad guys pulling the pick out slowly and wiggling it along the way wondering if they’re going to really pull it out and end the misery or are then going to let it continue for an undisclosed period of time. I hope your exerpience is fun like a trip to disney world however.”


“If you want to have fun don’t come to dental school. Whether you make friends or not, it will be the most miserable time of your life.”


“One of our clinical faculty members was a dentist in Vietnam in the mid to late 60s. He spent half of his time there sleeping in a tent dodging the insects… and despite this, he has said repeatedly that his nightmares today are from dental school, not Vietnam.”


“And we’re not saying it’s the worst fate imaginable, because it’s not. But don’t be expecting cotton candy, pony rides, and sunshine.” 


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Anonymous said...

Hey I am in dental school and you officially made my day. That is really difficult to do these days considering how miserable life is. Your blog is great.