Monday, September 8, 2008


September 2, 2008

Even though my family has been going to Maui for over 10 years it is still just a fabulous as the first time we went. This trip was a little different then most though. First. I was husbandless. That’s right, while I was out lying on the beach; Jacob was feverishly studying and taking test at dental school. Second, this trip was a lot more laid back then previous ones. Instead of booking our days with activities we decided to just go to beaches and hang out. I missed the scuba diving and catamaran trip but it was nice to not wake up early or feel rushed. We did get to go snorkeling and boogie boarding which is always fun. Also, we went jet skiing for the first time in Maui. You can only do this when it isn’t whale season so we took advantage of the opportunity. We only went for an hour but that was plenty of time. We found out the Meredith and I like to scream and laugh and were probably the loudest people out there. It was a ton of fun with all the waves. The morning after jet skiing it felt like I had done a ton of squats though and my thighs were killing me lol.  During the week I was also able to finish two books. First was the last book in the twilight series, Breaking Dawn. It was good and I won’t say more then that for those who haven’t read it. However, I have to express my feelings about people who think this is the next Harry Potter or the best books ever. HECK NO! First off the twilight series is nowhere near as intricate and has quite a few errors in the text. If you feel they’re the best books you’ve ever read pleas go read some more books. With that being said I did read all of the twilight series and they are an enjoyable, quick read, kinda book. The second book I read was Welcome to the World Baby Girl by Fannie Flagg. It was a good book. A little slow at places but overall enjoyable. It’s about a women trying to become a famous news reporter back when it was mostly men in the business and also dealing with her personal history. So, before this gets any longer, I’ll conclude with how wonderful this vacation was and a big thanks to my parents for letting me tag along.


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