Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lets talk hair, specifically my hair. I love changing styles but am in a rut. That's why I'm turning to you, my friends and family. Here are some of my past looks

 Braids-did this for a summer of camping



 Dark Brown
 Brown with highlights
 Red-It wasn't this red the lighting is just weird
 Bangs-both straight across and side swept

 This is what my hair currently looks like. I've been growing it out and let my natural color come back
Puh-leeze help me decide what to do next!


Jill said...

I say do a bob, you havent really done to short ever. Go really dark (like a 3 or 4ash) and do some natural carmel looking highlights,with side swept bangs. Sounds cute to me atleast!!

Theresa said...

I agree a bob would look really cute on you! My favorites of your pictures is the brown with blonde highlights-it looks very pretty!

Sarah Larsen said...

i like the highlights and the side-swept bangs. Patrick agrees if you also want a boy's opinion :)

Adam and Brittany said...

I like the long hair, with side bangs, and the dark hair or dark hair with highlights. Whatever you choose will be darling.

ConnieGirl said...

I know what you mean -- I'm in a hair rut, too! I say keep your natural hair color and do a cute Posh-style A-line. That's what I've been toying with but likely won't end up doing for a long time.

Theresa said...

My last comment didn't show up :( But I agree a bob would look really cute on you! I also think the brown with blonde highlights looks beautiful on you!

Nicole said...

I really like the side swept bangs, the brown hair with highlights or the red! I love that you have switched it up so much... It makes me think I really need a change myself!

Alicia said...

ooo...I really like the second to last picture. Those side-swept bangs are sexy!