Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Break

A couple weeks back we had our last spring break...well at least until Matea starts school. We thought it would be fun to stay in San Francisco and go do somethings around the city before we moved. Just our luck it rained the whole week. We managed to still have a great break snuggling with baby, reading, and playing games with friends.

On Friday morning the sun peaked out so we hurried over the the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. On MWF from 9-10 it's free, it's a small garden so we were glad we went in the morning

 The gardens were beautiful and the cherry blossoms were in bloom

 They had this really cool steep bridge you could walk over.

We then drove up to Twin Peaks to look at the city.

We're going to miss living here that's for sure.


Alicia said...

How on earth did that girl get those bright blue eyes? So cute?

Karen said...

you look like you had a great time--
you will return to SF often--it will always be a special city for your famiy!