Wednesday, March 16, 2011


When Jacob proposed to me he did so with a wooden ring he had made. I loved it!

We then looked at several ring designs online and I gave him my top three. He surprised me with this beauty a few weeks later

I later heard about chocolate diamonds and fell in love. I told him that if I could pick out my wedding ring again I'd have one of those instead. Well, 4 years and a baby later, my diamond has some chocolaty friends

I love it! The small diamonds aren't extremely dark but have just a hint of brown. Isn't my hubby awesome!


Sarah Larsen said...

OMG!!!! A whole new ring??? You are one lucky girl!!

Nicole said...

Your ring is beautiful!! I can't believe you guys have already been married 4 years... Congrats!!!

kristina and ryan said...

Love it! but, ill be honest - I'm a little jealous. :)

Whitney said...

Seriously...4 year! Holy smokes! It's a gorgeous ring! Nice work Jacob!