Sunday, March 6, 2011

Black Tie Affair

On Saturday we had our first date night since Matea came home. Jacob's school held a Legacy Ball which is a black tie fundraiser for their school. It's mostly Alumni and donors but Jacob got a free ticket for being in the student government so we figured why not. It was held at the Asian art museum and was really cool. The exhibits were open and there was food, a live band, and a photographer. We had a blast getting all dressed up and had great evening.
Dropping Matea off at our friend Sarah's. Thanks sooo much for watching her!

The food was yummy and kept coming.
Stairs up to the main room
We're so cultured

Isn't he handsome in his Tux?

Keeping it classy

Thanks UOP for a great event!


Sarah Larsen said...

so cute!! and I loved watching matea :) xoxo

Karen said...

wow--so elegant and debonair--
what an amazing couple!
and a perfect setting for the japan-born Morgan!!
Glad you could enjoy a night out!
You both deserve it!!

Spillers Family said...

You guys look great! How fun!

Theresa said...

No way you just had a baby-jealous! You guys look great!

Nicole said...

I love your hair! I wish we lived close and you could do my hair like old times:)

Jessica said...

wow! it amazing that you got to do that and looked soo fabulous!