Friday, February 19, 2010


For valentine's day Jacob surprised me with tickets to go see Cirque du Soleil's Ovo. It was a great show that I would recommend to anyone. It always amazes me what these people can make their bodies do. My favorite act had to be the one where two butterflies(?) use a rope to twirl and spin above the audience. Jacob liked the flying trapeze and the grasshopper acts. The costumes of this show were very elaborate.
The tent
ovo cirque du soleil pictures acrosport
The spider contortionist
Cirque du Soleil/Ovo/Characters/Moustique/Mosquito/Costumes:  Liz Vandal/Photo:  Benoit Fontaine@Cirque du Soleil Inc 2009
An example of the crazy costumes.

I have seen three different Cirque performances and each is amazing. However, my favorite still has to be O.

Thank you Jacob for a fantastic valentine's day. I love you!


Karen said...

It looks amazing!!
I can't believe the costumes!!
So glad you had such a good time--

And of course you liked "O" so much--
They made you part of the show, taking you up on stage and giving you a flower--lucky girl!!

Your luck continues--you married a great guy!!

Steven said...

For some reason when I scrolled down and saw the crouching guy in the red/black/white costume I thought it was Jacob. I was like, "Wow, Morgan made him quite the amazing costume..." Maybe I jumped directly to this because of an odd memory I have of a giant dog ringing my doorbell because he needed to go potty...

Lindsay said...