Sunday, February 21, 2010

Masquerade Murder Mystery!

Saturday night some of Jacob's dental friends threw a murder mystery party. The setting was a Masquerade Ball for society's elite.
Our fabulous masks we bought. Jacob picked his because it reminded him of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (a hilarious tv show- though at times highly inappropriate)
Our Characters-
Sherlock Tracy is an infamous big city homicide detective. In recent years, he’s had a reality television crew following him around at the station for his new reality show, Big City Cops. The producers love it when Sherlock talks in clich├ęs and performs rhymes…which he does constantly! It makes for good television!

Blondie Fawn cringes at the phrase has been as it is rumored that her time is nearly up on the Hollywood Scene. In her last movie role, she played a grandmother for the first time and this didn’t sit well with her ego as she’s only 40 years old! Blondie is known to be a tad delusional on occasion, so be careful during conversations with her.

Round was was during appetizers where every quickly discovered they had one thing in common, their hatred for Sherlock Tracy.
Round two is when the murder happened. Poor Tracy got bashed in the head with a champagne bottle. Who did it?

Round three everyone guesses. I was the winner by figuring out it was Tracy's chef who he had just fired. Go me and my detective skills! I always loved the game and movie Clue.
The whole group.
The prize I won
The Girls
Some of the guys
Thanks Eryn and Ashley for putting together this fun party!


Lindsay said...

HAH.. i love your husband's mask.. i'm a BIG fan of It's always sunny. it makes me pee my pants... but only figuratively. ;)

Mike and Brit said...

That looks like so much fun. I love your masks. How did they arrange that whole thing? I would love to do something like that! Let me know how things are going, it always looks like you are having a good time!

Karen said...

That looks like so much fun--
you guys are pros at costumes and dressing up!!