Sunday, May 10, 2009

Golf and Bocce Ball

Jacob's school recenlty had a golf tournament for the students. It was a dreary day but they still managed to have fun. They played in teams of four and Jacob's team won a prize... for coming in last place.
The losing team won a box of golf balls.

On another note Jacob and I had our fisrt experiance playing Bocce Ball. A couple over in Marin booked a court for some of us to play. It was super fun and the weather was beautiful.
The boys measuring to make sure there was no cheating.
Nice form Jacob

We won our first game with our team members, Emily and Tim, but lost the second.

The amazing shot I had that no one beat :)
The whole gang.


Constance Marie said...

Haha that's funny that the losers got golf balls. It reminded me of Henry V when the Dauphin gives him tennis balls.

Karen said...

looks like you are having a great time --I have never played bocce ball--you will have to teach us how!!