Sunday, May 10, 2009

Aveda Fashion Show

A couple of weeks ago my school put on a fashion show for earth month. All  the proceeds went to the Clean Water fund. The theme for the show was the districts of San Francisco. We did The Marina, the haight, china town, the financial district, the castro, and the misson. I worked on hair for the haight district wich was a lot of fun.

Doing Whitney's hair. All the hair for our area was big and crazy.I cam up withthe idea to do her hair flat/smoth on top and messy on the bottom.  NOt pictured are two of the models that had dreads.

The girl I worked with, Sonia.
The final look with outfit and headband. 


Karen said...

Looks so fun - glad you took photos- you are quite the pro!

natalie said...

yeah morgan! it looks so fabulous.