Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Year Down, Two to Go

I am done with my first year of dental school (actually, I was done a month ago, but I guess it has taken a while to sink in). Tomorrow I officially start my second year of dental school in which I will no longer be working on plastic teeth that can be replaced at will - I will be working on live patients. It's exciting and frightening at the same time. Somehow, in the last year, I have been taught most of what I need to give basic dental care to my patients - and somehow I've been deemed competent enough to do so. That's right folks, within the coming weeks I will be handling sharp, fast-spinning instruments in and around real people. So, in order to calm the nerves of any future patients, as well as my own I took a look back at the last year to see what has been accomplised in my first year of dental school...

I've taken:
40 midterms
50 quizzes
25 finals
that's a total of 115 scantrons and some went better than others:
In Fixed Prosthodontics, Operative Dentistry, Dental Anatomy and Endodontics, we've had:
100 Projects for check-off or grade
30 practical examinations

Again, some went better than others:
In the last year I've walked more than 300 miles to and from school and travelled to Philadelphia, DC and Phoenix as a student representative

Despite all the projects, tests and travelling I've been privileged to make great friends and enjoy the beautiful city of San Francisco.
I've done all this and more for no less than $100,000. It's been the most expensive year of my life, but I have no complaints. I thoroughly enjoyed my first year of dental school with all the ups and downs, good and bad grades and lost sleep. Would I do it again? me masochistic, but if I had to, I would do it again.

Now, I could never do it again with out my biggest support and I could never have made it through this last year without the love, support and encouragement of my beautiful wife Morgan. I love you Morgan!


Karen said...

Congratulations--finishing your first year is a major accomplishment--and to say that you would do it again--even more impressive!!
And how did you keep track of everything?
Extra points for remembering and acknowledging your wife!!
You will be a great dentist --- you are already a great son-in-law!!

Ronald said...

Way to go Jacob!
It looks like you made the most of your first year. It brings back so many memories...the good and the bad. Just remember to take advantage of every opportunity to learn while you are there. It's the cheapest education you'll get from here on out.