Friday, June 22, 2012

We Bought a House

So Jacob and I are officially adults. He's done with school, we have a kid, and we now own a house. It's crazy! I wasn't saying much about it earlier because I'd heard so many stories of closings not going through. But We've been living here for about 2 weeks so I guess I better get on updating everyone.

Jacob is going to be working at a practice called Sundance Dental in Rio Rancho, NM. It's about 30-40 min from where we used to live. Our home is about 8 min from the office. It's a two story, 4 bedroom house.. All the walls were white but we've now changed that. I'll  do a post later once everything is unpacked.

 View from front door
 Living Room
 View from back of living room

 So this is a formal dinning room that is on the left when you walk in the front door. I'm not a huge fan of formal dining rooms so we switched out the light and are going to use it as a formal sitting room

This is the master. The door leads out to a balcony
 The master bath. Probably my favorite room with it's walk in closet, two sinks, and separate shower/tub
The other 3 bedrooms are typical rooms so I didn't take any photos of those.

My parents and some of Jacobs co-residents helped us move in and paint. We decided this is the last time we move ourselves, next time we're hiring movers. Now I'm unpacking and decorating while exploring our new city.


Kristina said...

Look SO nice and SO big! Congrats on the new home!!

Karen said...

Ok, love that you blogged...but start blogging about all the painting and decorating we did!! haha
I'll email you my photos so you can have lots to choose from!!

Rachael said...

gorgeous! you are so adult now. jealous. your house is awesome; maybe i will crash it one day.

Jill said...

Congrats im jealous that your more of an adult then i am :)I would like to own a house and do whatever i want to with it!!

Joanna said...

Beautiful house!!! Looks so nice!

Joanna said...

What an exciting time!! I hope you have SO much fun decorating! I'll check back and live vicariously through you for awhile. It's beautiful. I'm glad things seem to be going so great for you guys.