Thursday, May 17, 2012

18 months

Matea is a little over 18 months now and it blows my mind what a big girl she is. Here are her stats as best I can remember
Weight-17.4 lbs putting her at around the 1% mark
Height- somewhere between 30 and 31 making her in the 25%
I can't remember her head measurement but it's in the 90%
She is talking a lot more lately and will mimic your words really well. She loves shoes and books as well as any animal she sees. She's still not quite sleeping through the night (ugh) but I guess she needs those extra calories.  She's a very sweet girl who has taken to cuddling her stuffed toys and wiping their noses, swaddling them, and feeding them. Matea has recently gotten into cars and balls which makes Jacob happy. She finally has enough hair to put in pigtails and I love it! They look like little antennas. She likes watching mickey mouse clubhouse while I try and feed her breakfast. She's still got some pretty sweet dance moves and loves playing in the water. We haven't taken her to nursery yet because we are moving in about a month and will just start at our next ward. We love our little munchkin .


Meredith said...

I love that she wipes her babies noses! That is so cute. Cant wait to see her in a few months!

Karen said...

Such a cutie!! I can't believe she is that age already--she is an amazing little girl and you and Jacob are doing a great job!! I can't wait to hear her talk!!